The end of the padlocks of the Pont des Arts in Paris

Why this Website?

One of our friends is one of the first ones to have fixed his padlock to the Pont des Arts, to symbolize unchanging love which he feels for his wife. At the age of 80, he felt betrayed by the announcement of the end of this tradition: his gesture was to be eternal, just like his love! " And why no virtual padlocks? " He then proposed … The idea made its way.
We dedicate this site to Germaine and Albert.

A virtual padlock?
A declaration of love for life thanks to internet.

Are you in love? Say it!!

The chain of love allows lovers of the whole world to declare their on-line flame. Exit the romanticims of the padlocks of the Pont des Arts in Paris? Welcome to the chain of love which wishes to perpetuate the spirit!

Buy your ribbon, choose your color: it will carry your first name and that of your lover. We shall also say your nationality, the city from which you declare your love and the date of this declaration. Virtual padlocks will connect ribbons.

Let us create the longest chain of the world and let us dedicate every August 9th " The City of Lovers ", the one who will have connected between them the largest number of ribbons!

Love, it is also the one of his/her next one and our planet. It transcends borders.

The Chain of Love will propose to all lovers of the world to support an association that works in solidarity, environmental protection and international cooperation.
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